Education. Photographer Shuvalova Anna

Development, obtaining new knowledge, skills, techniques and, of course, practice are one of the components of a photographer’s success!

If you want to develop in photography, get a clear structured algorithm of actions, learn the secrets and tricks of my processing, and also, if you are in love with art and photography, then… There are the following training options:

 *Individual 3-hour online processing workshop

In it, I tell and show the whole process of working on the frame.

 -Basic correction in Lightroom

-Processing in Photoshop

 -Cropping, composition of the frame, placement of accents

 -Working with the background, removing “garbage”

 -Skin retouching 

-Working with plastic

 -Working with frame volume and depth 

-Working with color and light



 -Adding various effects 

-Sharpness and noise

— Actions and plugins.

 -Answers to all your questions. 

 The cost is 6,000 rubles.

Education. Photographer Shuvalova Anna

Portfolio analysis.

The cost is 1000 rubles.

Education. Photographer Shuvalova Anna

 Individual consultation on any topic that interests you — 6000 rubles (1-2 hours).